Jamy Ian Swiss presents... Three days that will change your magic ... forever.

Featuring Roberto Giobbi

Featuring Michael Close

Featuring David Ben

The ultimate learning experience.

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In the Age of Information, how will we progress? A new kind of learning experience. About your hosts and guides: Jamy Ian Swiss and Roberto Giobbi. Washington, DC June 3 - 5, 2005 Register for Card Clinic.


In 2002 through 2004, Jamy Ian Swiss produced a series of intensive three-day seminars in sleight-of-hand magic, held in a variety of cities around the United States. Go to the WHAT pulldown menu to see details, photos and testimonials from each different Card Clinic, Close-up Clinic, and Stack Clinic.

The first Stack Clinic, featuring Michael Close, was held October 15 - 17, 2004, in Las Vegas. Check out the photos and testimonials and see how Card Clinic really can "change your magic ... forever!" Plans are underway for the next Clinic - download the current prospectus to join the mail list and be updated on future developments.

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Also see photos and testimonials from the first, second, and third Card Clinic, and the first Close-up Clinic!

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The February 2002 issue of Genii contains this feature article about the first Card Clinic by Karl Johnson!

Read the article about the second Card Clinic by Karl Johnson, written expressly for Card-Clinic.com!

Live and breathe the art and craft of sleight-of-hand magic side-by-side with two contemporary masters.
Your only prerequisites are a love of magic and a sincere desire to learn.
(you are not required to perform)


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