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A New Kind of Learning Experience

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Card Clinic - Class of 2002 - New York City  

  Herb Zarrow was the surprise "mystery" lecturer

Herb Zarrow explains his legendary shuffle  

  Ken Krenzel provided a surprise lecture on his specialty, the Classic Pass

Richard Hatch gave an informative and entertaining lecture about his research into "The man who might be Erdnase." Here he helps to hold up Jamy's own first-edition of The Expert at the Card Table, brought for "show-and-tell."  

  Roberto Giobbi leading a workshop

Casual card tricks - and plenty of 'em! - among the registrants, here at the big Friday night group dinner  

  Giobbi teaching a seminar

Jamy Ian Swiss presenting a technical seminar  

  Jamy Ian Swiss performing at the Friday night public show

Roberto Giobbi performing at the Friday night public show  


"Surpassed every expectation. Worth every minute, every penny spent. A wealth of practical, useful information in a collegial setting. … Total professionalism - organization, agenda planning, event execution. … A lifetime's worth of pathways to progress and improvement. I and my magic now possess a huge advantage. Five stars! My brain still hurts!"
     Bill McFadden
     Labor mediator
     Amateur magician of 20+ years

"A very full weekend of a variety of good things. Good fellowship among the group - not the usual 'convention' crowd."
     Jerry van de Sande
     Retired school-teacher
     Part-time pro magician

"There wasn't anything I didn't like. Great job!"
     Roberto Gonzalez
     Operations Supervisor
     Amateur magician of 9 years

"I still can't quite believe how much valuable material you managed to stuff into a few days. The lectures by Jamy Ian Swiss and Roberto Giobbi were treasures for the serious student of card magic. But to think that, on top of that, we had Herb Zarrow lecturing us, Ken Krenzel talking about The Pass-it staggers the mind. And besides all that, it was great to get to know the other attendees, to the extent that the action-packed weekend made it possible. I am still in contact with some of them, and hope that continues."
     Ezra Tawil
     Professor of English
     Amateur magician of 20+years

"I had a splendid time as did, I think, everyone in attendance. The two of you put forward a wealth of ideas and information and the difficult part was trying to take it all in."
     Allan Zola Kronzek
     Author, educator, professional magician

"Card Clinic far exceeded my expectations and my hopes. … a weekend that was truly remarkable, memorable and distinctively unique."
     Tony Gangi
     Retail customer relations manager
     Amateur magician of 15+ years

"If you had a chance to have the intersection of Leonardo da Vinci and Superman teach you the true powers of magic with a deck of playing cards, would you not run - fly if you could - to learn from these two 'greats?' I did. If you think about the great heroes and icons and the most inspirational role models in magic today, both Giobbi and Swiss head the top of the class in Card Magic. Roberto and Jamy showed us during the course of the three days that magic is about emotions, philosophy, passion, wonder, and even life itself - and other incredible artistic ideas all presented with the unified goal of making us better magicians. And one of the incredible by-products was this group of people who came to the Clinic. Unknown to one another before this event, we were able to build a true community of friends who shared in that moment, and we have forged a bond of friendship and 'secret magical communion' that will last much longer than the three days that changed my magic forever. That statement that advertised the clinic totally lived up to its promise: 'Three days that will change your magic forever.' I would encourage anyone to jump at the opportunity to be a part of the next Card Clinic when it comes to a city near you."
     Greg Weir
     IT marketing professional
     Amateur magician of 20+ years

"I was truly immersed in a wonderful magical experience. I thought the choice of material you presented was perfect. It covered a wide range of interests and styles and appeared to more than satisfy everyone I spoke with. ... I thought you organized the days very well. I never had the feeling that the proceedings were dragging. There was always a 'what's coming next' feeling to the clinic. I was also very impressed with the other participants. You assembled, without exception, a really nice group of people who really shared a true love of magic. I think the quality and personalities of the group was a primary reason for the success of the event. ... All in all, it was a fabulous experience which I will always remember. I think I am using what I learned as a guide for my future studies in magic. I would be very interested in attending future Card Clinics. Thanks again for a truly wonderful learning experience."
     David Schreiber
     Amateur of 20+ years