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A New Kind of Learning Experience

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Card Clinic, Class of 2003 Santa Barbara, California April 6, 2003  

  Roberto Giobbi conducting a seminar

Jamy Ian Swiss teaches a technical session on palming  

  John Thompson was the special "mystery" guest lecturer

John Thompson offers some one-on-one guidance  

  Okay, so it's not card magic, but you can't have Johnny Thompson around and pass up a chance to see his legendary performance of the Malini Egg Bag

Jamy and Roberto take a back seat to watch Johnny Thompson lecture. (Behind them you can see Andy Greget's phenomenal array of conjuring literature, a special perk for the Santa Barbara group.)  

  Ron Conley narrates some "eye-in-the-sky" casino security footage

Ron Conley shares some controlled table shuffles and "mucks," straight from the cheater's arsenal  

  A question-and-answer session on sleights and technique

Roberto leads a trick seminar  

  Jamy leading the Sunday workshop


"Despite coming with very high expectations, I can say that I would do it again in a moment. I have never attended a magic gathering where so much good and useful information was passed on to the attendees. While the weekend was expensive, it was well worth it. Both Jamy and Roberto were wonderful teachers. They were patient, approachable, and charming both in the lectures and during the late night sessions. To make matters even greater, John Thompson was a special guest with both a lecture and performance. He also stayed around to mingle with the attendees and answer questions about card magic. As if that was not enough, the Saturday night lecture was an opportunity to watch videos of cheaters from a genuine casino security worker (not a pretender passing himself off to the magic community). I traveled all the way from South Florida to Santa Barbara for this event. Was it worth it? Absolutely! If Card Clinic comes to a venue near you, don't miss it. Your magic will never be the same."
     Sam Lamerson
     Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"I offer my sincere thanks to you and Roberto for conducting this wonderful event. I enjoyed every part of the weekend and had a great time. Most importantly, the overall experience of the workshop and the knowledge and wisdom obtained will significantly enhance my continuing study and enthusiasm for the fine art of card magic. I really can't say what I liked the best or least since I truly enjoyed every part of the clinic. I do think that the balance of time spend on tricks, techniques, theory and performance was just about right for my interests. All in all, I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend this excellent event and am thankful that you are putting some much of your effort into this type of workshop. It is something that is not only of great value to those of us fortunate enough to attend but hopefully will have a positive impact on the future of this great art that we all love."
     Barry Shifrin
     Scottsdale, Arizona

"The contrast between the gonzo Alpha-Male Swiss and the Zauberwissenschaftlich Menschlichkeit Giobbi was a juxtaposition contrived by the Card Gods. Both highly analytical regarding the craft of magic, both fine performers, both excellent teachers, and both delightfully temperamentally “catty-corner.” I came to this weekend to wash away all the depressing feelings about magic I get from watching magic performed at the local club (and watching videos: with few exceptions they are artistically enervating). If I want to feel good about the art/craft (I reasoned) I should see only the best (this is easy if you are a, say, a musician or an actor, painter – there is a lot of good work available); unfortunately most people only see the mediocre (or worse) in magic. See the best, if possible. Learn from them. See how they think. That’s why I came to Santa Barbara. It was great."
     John Hopkins
     Westminster, Colorado

"This weekend of intensive card study was very meaningful and valuable for me. It deepened my understanding and appreciation of card magic more than I had originally anticipated it would. I learned many important things, ranging from the focus on strong and deceptive technique to the necessity of making performance meaningful in human terms. For me personally, the chance to perform a work-in-progress before Messrs. Swiss, Giobbi, and Thompson was a mountaintop experience. I received valuable and specific critical feedback that I will apply not only to the routine I performed, but also to other card magic routines in my repertoire. I am happy that my brain and my notebook are so full of ideas and inspirations. And I was very impressed with the logistical management of the event. I did not really perceive a single significant logistical hitch all weekend long."
     Dave Shepherd
     Vienna, Virginia

"The opportunity to be critiqued by Jamy, Roberto and Johnny Thompson was superb. More attendees should be encouraged to participate in this activity. In addition to learning much about my piece, I found that suggestions, tips and performance ideas from the other critiques were valuable and applicable to my work. ... I would consider attending another Card Clinic. The information was thorough and detailed. Even with copious notes, it will be difficult to recreate all the pearls and gems and turn them into assets."
     Bruce Trigg
     Quebec, Ontario

"For me, the strength of the clinic was the balance between Jamy and Roberto in how they model how to combine the science of details and technique with the art of performance and theater. Both Jamy and Roberto show how powerful the combination of the bottom-up thinking card master with the top-down intuitive performer can be. The attention to both extremes of bigger, theoretical issues (like, how to overcome nervousness) with more exacting details (like a new way to get a little-finger break)helped me to find exactly where to put my attention in improving both how I perform and how I can perform better. The Clinic helped me to fill in my gaps in card magic, the stuff between the spaces, inside the tricks and behind the minds that make the most amazing magic moments happen. And, Johnny Thompson kicks ass!"
     Blake Reemtsma
     Oceanside, California