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Roberto Giobbi - Biography

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Roberto Giobbi is a full-time professional magician who is probably best known as the author of the international best-selling four-volume series, Card College. Now translated into six languages, Card College has become the standard instructional guide for the study of close-up magic with playing cards. Not simply a collection of tricks, Card College is an unprecedented learning and teaching tool. It is, in fact, the most widely translated magic book in history.

Roberto is also a past prizewinner in close-up card magic at FISM, the world's most prestigious magic competition. Intimately familiar with the mentoring process, Roberto's own mentor was none other than the Spanish maestro, the late Arturo de Ascanio, who declared Roberto to be his spiritual "son" in his introduction to Card College. As such, Roberto is intimately involved in "the Spanish School" (Escuela Magic de Madrid) of card magic established by Giobbi's close colleague, Juan Tamariz, along with Ascanio and others. Roberto is a regular attendee at Tamariz's legendary "Escorial" conference in Spain, and has partnered with Tamariz in the past in intensive multi-day teaching seminars.

GiobbiRoberto is also a full-time corporate entertainer and communicator, who performs in a variety of professional settings, including as a corporate motivator and educator, as well as entertainer, for some of the most prestigious firms in his native Switzerland and throughout Europe.

Roberto has been seen only four times previously in the United States: at the 1986 IBM convention in Nashville; in appearances at the Magic Castle in 1986 and 1989; and in a lecture appearance at the 1996 SAM convention in Las Vegas. He has no future plans of lecturing here, as his professional performing career keeps him far too busy.

Roberto Giobbi was the natural first choice to be invited as colleague and contributor when Jamy conceived the idea of creating a new approach to the experience of magic instruction in general and sleight of hand with playing cards in particular. And Roberto was indeed excited and energized by the opportunity to take an active role in Card Clinic.

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